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Why choose Jinwu cooperation?

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Why choose Jinwu cooperation?

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-22 11:46

(Summary description)Founded in 1999, Jinwu, after nearly 20 years of growth and 10 years of rapid development, was successfully listed on the NEEQ in 2017 and became the first NEEQ listed company in the field of biomass pellet molding in my country.

Why choose Jinwu cooperation?

(Summary description)Founded in 1999, Jinwu, after nearly 20 years of growth and 10 years of rapid development, was successfully listed on the NEEQ in 2017 and became the first NEEQ listed company in the field of biomass pellet molding in my country.

  • Categories:FAQ
  • Time of issue:2021-08-22 11:46
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Why choose Jinwu cooperation?

1. Strong brand influence (Jinwu brand is highly recognized in the industry)

2. Advanced process design (leading in process design industry, in line with national standard production and construction requirements, high production efficiency)

3. Good after-sales service (30-person after-sales service team can better solve difficult after-sales problems in a timely manner)

4. Excellent product quality

5. A company with a person in charge (sales are not focused on selling products, and creating value for customers is the core sales goal)

What is the difference between Jinwu equipment and other products?

1. Safety and stability (adding a water cooling system to the equipment makes it more stable and stable)

2. High standards for material selection

(1) The box body and ring die choose steel with super high strength and weight. Other manufacturers

(2) The spindle is imported from Japan, with strong stability and wear resistance

(3) Motors choose first-line well-known brands for cooperation

3. Exquisite production and assembly technology

(1) The assembly process standard is high, the product gap is small, and the spacing error is small

(2) Strict quality inspection (high yield rate, strict control of delivery quality)

(3) 3 paint coating processes, the product is more beautiful, with strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance

The difference between horizontal machine and vertical machine:

1. The origin is early and mature and stable: for example, CPM originated in 1883, Asian CPM granulator originated in Singapore in 1969, and the company was established in Singapore in 1969. The horizontal machine originated in Zhangqiu, Shandong in the past 10 years; the horizontal type is compared with the vertical type. Long time and high stability.

2. Convenient replacement of accessories: It is convenient to replace the wearing parts when the door cover of the horizontal machine is opened on the side. The machine must be removed when the main shaft of the vertical machine is removed, which is troublesome for maintenance and replacement.

3. No picking of materials: horizontal machine has large torque and low speed output, and has wide adaptability to raw materials (high moisture, uneven thickness, complex types and other raw materials can be used). Vertical machine picking

4. Good sealing, not easy to enter dust: the horizontal machine main shaft and transmission mechanism are installed horizontally to effectively prevent dust from entering the gear box body. All raw material dust is isolated in the closed space of the ring die to eliminate dust leakage. The main shaft of the vertical machine is installed vertically, and the dust raw material is in direct contact with the transmission mechanism, which increases the wear of the transmission mechanism. If the wear is serious, it is very likely that dust will enter the gear box body and cause the entire transmission system to be damaged.

5. Long service life: the vertical press roller assembly is not easy to enter dust, and the press roller bearing has a long service life; the horizontal press roller is installed vertically, the lubricating oil is not easy to store oil due to its own gravity, often due to lack of oil Burning the bearing, the other is the high frequency of oil injection and fuel consumption.

6. Safety: The horizontal machine model has an overload protection device, which can react quickly to protect the motor and transmission part. The vertical machine does not have an overload protection device.

7. High granulation quality: the horizontal granulator is from the gear shaft to the gear to the transmission wheel and then to the ring die. Due to the large mass of the transmission wheel and ring die, when rotating around the axis, the moment of inertia is inversely proportional to the angular acceleration. Compared with the material, a larger torque is generated, and the material is formed at high speed and high pressure in the process to achieve high-quality granular products. Because the vertical machine directly rotates with the pressing roller on the main shaft, the weight is lighter, the relative moment of inertia analysis is small, the angular acceleration is large, the material pressing speed is slow, and the forming effect is relatively poor compared to the horizontal machine.

8. Easy to form: The horizontal machine has a forced feeding device. On the one hand, the function is to force the material into the granulating chamber to increase the filling rate of the granulating chamber. On the other hand, the material is stirred to make the material thicker and thinner. The uniformity is pushed into the granulating chamber, so that the material is easy to shape; the vertical machine can only rely on the weight of the material to fall into the granulating chamber, and the material will be uneven. The product keeps floating on it, which eventually causes the material to be difficult to shape.

9. Fast recovery from blocked material: The horizontal machine is blocked or stuffy due to abnormal materials. It can be cleaned after shutting down and opening the door cover. The recovery efficiency is high. When the vertical machine encounters material blockage or stuffiness, all the mechanisms above the ring die must be disassembled to clean up, and the recovery efficiency is low.


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