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On Jin Wu 's Mutual Transformation between Branding and Attracting Venture Capital

Number of visits: Date:2016-5-10

[Brand planning division Hu Guoqing News] At present, Chinese enterprises are in an unprecedented era of change, today more and more entrepreneurs found that: the success of the experience and the model is no longer able to help enterprises to achieve sustained growth, once the competitive advantage gradually disappear , Has not always been to deal with the new competitive situation, and even some of the traditional business competition has evolved into a further growth of enterprises obstacles and traps. Then according to Jinwu listed target requirements, it is necessary to upgrade the business model, the value of enterprise reengineering. In the business model, the impact of the Internet has been on the small and medium enterprises have a very in-depth lesson, change is born, the same is dead, which is a common understanding of small and medium entrepreneurs. In the Jin Wu enterprise value reengineering, usually from the Jinwu product value will be built into the corporate brand to build, so as to enhance the company's influence and added value. Rational use of Internet tools, to the Internet transition. The country's "Internet +" strategy is to provide a high-speed train for the transformation of the enterprise. Jin Wu shares in the back-end, the Internet has become a front-end tool is a good export, in the process of linking with the Internet, you can Jinwu shares of the production process, product quality, intensive management, cost control, The weapon of position.

We say that since the share reform after the Jinwu shares, which marks the future will have to use the power of market capital, you need to listing, IPO capital operation to fully grasp. Capital can make enterprises get off, the capital market for economic restructuring to provide financial support, the company's economic development and two-dimensional structure adjustment can not be separated from the funds, access to funds of the normal channels, including two types of debt financing and equity financing, the former main With the help of bank loans, the latter is derived from the capital market. The development and perfection of the capital market can provide more direct financing channels for the adjustment of the economic structure, which is conducive to alleviating the current shortage of funds and the contradiction between the shortage of funds in the process of economic restructuring. The market can effectively promote the optimal allocation of resources to adjust the industrial structure. Jinwu Industrial Co., Ltd.'s own stake is the largest core value, through equity financing, and soon solve the problem of innovation and development of enterprises, and the introduction of more levels of wisdom and industry resources, from the depth of the depth of a long distance Aspects, to increase the role of the promotion of enterprises, in order to achieve the enterprise takeoff and qualitative change, to achieve leapfrog development.

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