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Jiangsu Jinwu machinery (wood chips machine) image of the creative film creative program

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Jiangsu Jinwu image of the creative film creative program
                    Duration: 15 minutes
                    Production means: real shot + special effects synthesis
                    Film style: atmosphere, simple
                    Language: Chinese, national dubbing
                    Movie format: movie level (movie camera)
                    Format: 16: 9 (or 2.35: 1) frame, movie screen

Jiangsu Jinwu image of the creative film creative program
First, creative theme
Theme: let the sky bluer, make the water more green - for the management of haze to provide system solutions "Jin Wu Industrial"

Second, creative ideas
Clue one: environmental protection in the industrialization, Jin Wu become the world's new energy leader
1, PM2.5, haze, - big environment, big background
2, energy saving, emission reduction, - new energy, new possibilities
Clue two: low carbon in the mechanization, Jin Wu to focus on global thermal energy operators
1, our main line of thought - renewable energy and thermal operation - runs through the end
2, our main direction - focus on low-carbon machinery production areas - always
3, our main area - the entire biomass energy industry chain - large coverage
Clue three: service in the integration, Jin Wu for the world to provide a complete solution
1, equipment - advanced, high adaptability - wide raw materials, renewable
2, the program - personalized, multiple choice - more fit customer needs
3, sale - technical, rapid response - technical support, services
Clue four: the value of globalization, Jin Wu is the natural environment purification leader
1, the meaning of China, the meaning of the world - the re-use of energy, the economy
2, the meaning of the environment, the meaning of mankind - the environment of sustainable, long-term
Clue five: brand in the internationalization, Jin Wu innovative energy green world
1,2016, Jin Wu's strategy - listed, step by step to complete
2, the future, Jin Wu's pioneering - brand, again and again across
Through: Our service lies in environmental protection and low carbon, our value lies in environmental protection and low carbon, our goal lies in green earth.
Shooting scene sequence chart: company panorama - office building panorama - office staff work and meeting ---- plant - plant workshop production panorama - lathe operation, workers work - model products - auxiliary products Exhibition - ring mold workshop workers work King - ring mold production close - delivery crane view

Third, creative script
Special effects: space overlooking the angle of the earth
Lens closer, mountains and rivers, city
To show the environmental problems of different cities in the world
Around the world a variety of haze raging media reports
Screen fade out, the lens switch, Jin Wu logo in the rotation
Blue day, clean water ...
Jin Wu people generally do what?
Different people work scene appearance, a word sum your work
On the road: let more people agree with this idea, starting from the use of low-carbon machinery.
Installed in the command shop: action is the best description, so that customers feel the value of environmental protection.
In the laboratory research and development: attachment to each point of the rise, the significance of PM2.5.
Comment & subtitles:
Make the sky more blue, so that natural beauty.
And the world a total of environmental protection - Jin Wu Industrial.
【scene one】
The world's major cities PM2.5 value
Changes in PM2.5 values ​​in Major Cities in China
Related data packaging
Mouth of the production, the number of people affected by haze increased
Different ways to deal with the environment of the material packaging
Subtitle: refuse to wear a mask to go out, we want to breathe fresh air
Sustainable development, is facing a survival crisis, human beings with a visible perspective, fully feel the atmosphere of pollution. From the state, to the organization, to the individual, the whole world is calling and acting for the green earth.
Environmental protection in the industrialization. Jin Wu, is committed to the world to provide clean energy mainstream enterprises. The first in the Chinese land on the "industrial governance haze" declaration, the implementation of environmental responsibility as an enterprise to bio-energy recycling and sustainable development leading environmentally friendly low-carbon.
【Scene 2】
Jinwu different people different thinking
Jin Wu complete product line packaging
Various types of biomass pellet machine, biomass boiler, biomass fuel complete sets of equipment, biomass fuel supply, biomass thermal equipment, biomass contract energy tube to form a complete industrial chain
Digital information packaging (energy saving, environmental protection and other specific digital effects)
The world's energy use scene, Jinwu business covers the scene to show the scene
Thought, always able to reflect the level. A business that will think about it, a thoughtful company will take a bigger stage. We believe this and succeed in practicing this.
The renewable energy and thermal energy operation of the main line of thought throughout the end, focusing on the world of low-carbon machinery production, always uphold the low-carbon cycle and energy-saving emission reduction simultaneously, Jin Wu mechanical services have covered the entire biomass thermal energy industry chain.
【Scene 3】
Jin Wu staff to listen to, record the views of customers
Jin Wu staff in rural areas, in the straw to investigate the screen
Jin Wu's staff constantly revised the drawings of the drawings
Dimensional, the main flow chart for the production of biomass pellet fuel
(Raw materials: crop waste, forestry waste; combustion cycle: produce medium to do potash ... ...)
Jin Wu staff for different sites and existing boiler equipment to make different programs
Picture frame: design, production, transformation, installation, commissioning and other screen
After-sales service, technical support, such as material packaging
ISO9000 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, CE certification
The only industry in Jiangsu Province to obtain agricultural extension certification
The material of urban development, large-scale project material display
Here, the service starts from the demand. We began to think from the source, on the basis of low-carbon environmental protection, for customers to develop the most green value of biomass particles forming complete sets of equipment.
Innovation, intelligence, achievement equipment, high adaptability. From the wide selection of raw materials to the renewable cycle, in the entire production process, has formed a social waste recycling system.
Not only to provide equipment, we will extend the service to internationalization, integration, systematic. Tailored for customers to save resources, pollution-free, green energy-saving environmental protection, renewable clean energy of various new energy options to achieve win-win situation.
From the design, production, transformation, installation, commissioning to after-sale technical support, every link we have to do, is committed to the company's products every day to create value for customers.
【Scene 4】
Products covered in the global territory
Between different cities, the location of the main customer packaging
Between different countries, the main market packaging (Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world)
The lens is far away, a group of people to discuss the market for the screen
The staff in the Thai office packed up the line of sight from the window
Large city green, environmentally friendly, with a sense of science and technology picture
Broad blue sky, white clouds, good material for life
Faced with the needs of the 21st century, Jin Wu contains the huge energy will be further out.
For the community on the country, our service is environmentally friendly low-carbon, our value is more environmentally friendly low-carbon.
Today's Jinwu, is gradually expanding the scope of operation of equipment, the perfect docking the South straw burning pollution problems, a step forward for the management of haze.
As the world's clean energy mainstream enterprises, we advocate "energy saving and environmental protection, low-carbon cycle, energy-saving emission reduction", and always put this concept throughout the enterprise development, technological innovation to achieve economic value and social value of the simultaneous growth, Low consumption, intelligent, professional products and services worldwide.
As the world's clean energy mainstream enterprises, we have not stopped, continue to explore for the sustainable development of new environmentally friendly clean energy - biomass molding fuel.
【Scene 5】
Special effects packaging, Jin Wu jumping growth path
Between day and night, is hundreds of domestic and foreign production lines of various types of operation
Is walking through the office aisle Jin Wu staff
In the laboratory, the expert personally instructs the staff to operate
Listing preparation materials
Energy applications in different cities around the world
Jin Wu's brand logo into the earth
Believe in the quality of the power, in the pursuit of excellence at the same time, the introduction of advanced equipment, and management system.
I believe the power of the brand, in the pursuit of low-carbon environmental protection at the same time, the strategic layout of the new energy will be transmitted to every corner of the world's gospel.
Our ultimate goal is to develop into the global influence and competitiveness of the biomass green high-tech first brand enterprises, we are working.

Invite gestures
Green earth
Special Effects Packaging Group logo
The world's new energy field of environmental protection so much, the global biomass raw materials so much, we can do a lot!
- Jiangsu Jinwu Industrial Co., Ltd

Jinwu shares since its inception in 1999, has always been to create a global influence and competitiveness of biomass new energy high-tech enterprises as the first goal of the goal.
Jinwu shares from scratch, from weak to strong, from small to large, experienced ups and downs, in recent years has been rapid development, has now developed into the world's biomass energy industry high-tech innovative enterprises. And we are still in constant innovation, years of practice has proved that the company's growth and development is not only the company's top scientific decision-making results, but also all the staff solidarity, tenacious struggle, pioneering and selfless dedication of the results. As a dark horse in the field of new energy, Jinwu shares to lead China's biomass energy to the intelligent development model for the world to provide high-quality low-carbon environmental clean energy and become the world's best experts in the haze experts throughout the end, The fate of the company and the fate of the national nation together. In this country and the world are advocating the pursuit of environmentally friendly new energy, take the road of sustainable development in the background, our new energy industry prospects will be limitless!
Looking ahead, Jinwu shares will accelerate the pace of technological innovation, build a world-class team, with the fastest speed among the world famous enterprises, for the revitalization of national industry and make new contributions to the development. Jinwu Industrial Co., Ltd. as China's energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection, a leader in new energy, in response to the call of the times for the Chinese economy, the development of human harmony and symbiotic contribution to their own strength. Let Apec Blue keep the blue sky of the motherland!

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