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The unique stainless steel reinforced version of the cyclone propulsion device, forced feeding, increases the material entry speed, reduces vibration, and increases production capacity.
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Performance characteristics

1. The main transmission adopts high-precision gear transmission, and the ring die adopts a quick-release hoop type, which increases the efficiency by 20%

2. The transmission part of the whole machine adopts high-quality imported bearings and oil seals to ensure high-efficiency, stable transmission and low noise.

3. Special safety pin design for horizontal machine, mechanical overload protection, safer and lower failure.

4. Unique stainless steel reinforced cyclone propulsion device, forced feeding, increase material entry speed, reduce vibration, and increase production capacity.

5. Optional non-stop refueling system, water cooling system, high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable operation, stable and reliable discharge quality.


Working principle

The powdered wood chips, straw, bark and other materials in the pelletizing bin are fed into the chute by the feeding auger. The materials enter the pressing chamber through the forced feeder, and the materials are fed into the second ring die by the feeding scraper. Due to the high-speed rotation of the ring die, the material is brought between the ring die and the pressure roller. Under the strong squeezing action of the ring die and the pressure roller, the material is gradually compacted and formed in the die hole. The squeezing between the rollers is continuous, so the formed material is continuously discharged from the die hole in a columnar shape, and then cut into particles of the required length by the cutter, and then enters the next process.


Technical parameter

model Host size main motor power Ring die inner diameter Hourly weight

JWZL-420 (Horizontal)

2990-1320-2300 90 kw 420 mm 1-1.5 t/h 3.5t

JWZL-688 (Horizontal)

3530-1580-2390 200 kw 688 mm 2.2-3t/h 9.5t
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